1. entire, full, total, plenary, integral, complete, round, aggregate; comprehensive, universal, inclusive, all-inclusive, all-embracing; extensive, extended, widespread; full, filled, pregnant.
2. solid, unbroken, unsevered, uncut, unshorn, unshortened, unabridged, all in one, unitary; undivided, indiscrete, indivisible, undividable, indiscerptible, inseparable; undiminished, unlessened, unreduced, unabated.
3. sound, indissoluble, intact, hale, hearty, in one piece; healthy, vigorous, robust, strong, recovered, well; unimpaired, undamaged, unharmed, uninjured, unscathed, unmutilated, undecayed, inviolate; pure, unmixed, unmingled, unblended, unalloyed; faultless, flawless, defectless; unblemished, spotless, unspotted, stainless, taintless, untainted, unsullied, unsoiled.
4. self-contained, self-supporting, autonomous, independent; well-rounded, all-sided, fully realized, consummate, enlightened.
5. thorough, thoroughgoing, exhaustive, in-depth, A to Z, Brit. A to Zed, Brit. Dial. gradely; absolute, dyed-in-the-wool, full-fledged, complete; utter, gross, rank, sheer, radical, sweeping; outright, downright, out-and-out, straight-out, all-out, across-the-board; unqualified, unmodified, uncompromised, unconditional, unconditioned, unreserved, unmitigated; unrestricted, unlimited, unhampered, unimpeded, unbounded; unequivocal, clear, unambiguous, explicit, express.
6. out of whole cloth
fictitious, untrue, false, unreal, fanciful; imaginary, imagined, invented, improvised, created, feigned, fabricated.
7. aggregate, collective, ensemble, Fr. tout ensemble. assemblage, unit; all, alpha and omega, beginning and end, length and breadth; entire amount, sum total, gross amount.
8. totality, fullness, universality, integrity, wholeness. See wholeness(def. 1).
9. as a whole
a. all together, in a body, en masse.b. all in all, in the main, all things included, all things considered, altogether.
10. onor upon the whole
in general, as a rule, usually, as a whole.

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